Technology and Business


COMMUNICATION WITH CUSTOMER: Nowadays, it is very important for business holders to communicate with their client fast and clearly. Website makes it very easy to communicate with customers and give answer to the customer as fast as possible. The use of customer service via social media 24/7 is also a fast means to communicate with customers.

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: The use of technology for production helps to speed up production processes. Technology reduces the use of manpower and the cost of doing business makes it effective and efficient. Technology helps to process more information than with manual methods.

ENCHANCE MARKETING: Technology helps businesses to reach new economic markets, it also made it possible to have wider reach in the global market. Technology has created software that allows you to formulate a marketing plan, one that can be updated and shared with your team. Social Medias like Facebook, twitter, Instagram helps in marketing.

Tomiwa Adeleke

Tech Intern @

Wole Olugbemiro Consulting

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